Sleep… whats that?!

I feel like i am constantly tired at the moment, thought maybe it was because i was trying to squeeze too much into my days but thinking about it is more likely due to the lack of sleep – lucky to get 5 hours in a night at the minute!

This is all pretty new to me as Kayleigh was never really a bad sleeper, once she was in her routine she would sleep though, the only thing being she was an early riser but i can cope with that if i get some sleep at night.

Ethan on the other hand goes through patches, he either sleeps really well or awful! and the last 3 nights are in the awful period.

He’s been waking several times a night (starting from 3.30am this morning!) and just screams and shouts. Nothing settles him and then come about 5am he just wants to get up! Which is no good because a) i don’t want to get up at that time of the morning and b) he shares a room with Kayleigh so now she’s getting no sleep either!

This is when the real trouble starts – combining a tired mummy with a grumpy little boy and a stroppy little girl = trouble.

Kayleigh turns into the worlds stroppiest toddler with lack of sleep, she bursts into tears at the smallest of things and just whines the whole day as she doesn’t nap during the day (even when exhausted) so it becomes so much hard work to deal with – especially when your tired.

So if the magic sleep fairies want to return to my house it would be much appreciated.

Love from 1 very exhausted mummy!

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