Bed time story – by Kayleigh

Kayleigh and I love to make stories up, I can guarantee that she is always staring in them as the hero!

So when we had the chance to share our own story in conjunction with the children’s bed makers Warren Evans for National Share a Story Month, we thought why not!

After all, this is our little space on the cyber space.

So here is Kayleigh’s story:

When Kayleigh the Mermaid got lost!

There was once a mermaid called Kayleigh.

Her hair was very long and curly.

She had a beautiful shiny tail which shimmered in the sea.

It glimmered away for all to see.


Kayleigh lived in the ocean.

Full of bright colourful fish and sea plants.

She didn’t live alone though.

Her best friend Ethan the Singing Shark lived with her.


See everyone thinks sharks are scary, but there not.

Ethan is the friendliest shark you could meet.

He likes to sing as he swims around, making everyone smile.


One day whilst out swimming Kayleigh got lost.

She couldn’t remember which was she was meant to go home.

Kayleigh was scared.

She didn’t want to be lost, she just wanted to go home.


Kayleigh cried and cried but no one could hear her.

Then all of a sudden she could hear Ethan.

He was close by, she could hear him singing his favourite song “Twinkle Twinkle”


Calling out for him to find her, Ethan swam to Kayleigh.

She was so relieved to see a friendly face.

Ethan showed Kayleigh the way home.

She was so glad that he had found her.


Kayleigh was so thankful to Ethan for finding her,

It made her realise how lucky she was to have a best friend like Ethan.


Pictures all Kayleigh’s – Story by mummy and Kayleigh.

We will receive Kayleigh’s story in print for our time.

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