Live for the moment, not for the future

How many times have you said, I can’t wait till they kids are old enough to do something?

Then before your eyes they are doing that and a few years have passed.

A big part of having a family is despair: watching that squishy little newborn of yours turn into a moving and walking toddler, a speaking and sassy child and then bam – they’re teenagers and you feel those soft years slipping through your fingers. It’s despairing and amazing in equal measure, and as a parent, you do all you can to hold onto those years as they come. Looking forward to the future and planning your Will with Casey & Associates is the smart thing to do, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t live in the moment. Right now, you get the best years of your children. You only get a finite amount of years where they will rely on you and want you all the time, and while work and life seems to elbow its way in, you can still hold onto them. Your mind carefully files all those sweet moments away, so by the time they’re standing by the front door in their school uniforms, all you want to do is hold onto that moment and never see anything further. This little miracle you make? It’s going to astound you. Being a mother to a child and not a baby or a toddler is not easy to reconcile in your heart – but you can do it.

We have our first trip to Kayleigh’s infant school next week, yup infant school. I’m going to be a mummy to a child, no longer a baby or toddler.

I am so proud of Kayleigh. She’s smart, gorgeous, funny, loveable and so much more yet I feel a tinge of sadness that she’s growing up so fast. Before my eyes she’s developing into this little person, becoming independent but wanting to learn so much more.

It’s been over 5 years since my first pregnancy and I feel like it was so long ago.

I am trying to treasure every moment with her, it’s hard whilst I’m working but we make the most of our little time together. We do fun things like playing in the garden or just snuggling watching her favourite film.

I know when she leaves preschool I will be a sobbing wreck, as will I be for her first day at school but I’m going to be so proud of her and how much she’s grown.


So my quote for the next few weeks “live for the moment, not for the future”

Kayleigh when your old enough to read here – mummy loves you and I’m so proud of everything you’ve done xx

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