Bedroom Décor Blunders To Avoid

Bedroom Décor Blunders To Avoid

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Thinking of giving your bedroom a makeover? Below are a few decorating blunders to try to avoid in order to make your bedroom a place of harmony.

Choosing the wrong size bed

Beds come in a number of sizes. You need to consider what is the best size for your sleeping needs while factoring in the size of the room. If you choose to order beds online, make sure to look up details such as measurements. When going into a physical store, you may be able to lie on the bed and get a better idea of the size. Make sure to also measure your bedroom to determine which size bed is your limit.

Getting the rug size wrong

A bedroom rug should be able to cover the floor around the bed so that when you get out of bed you have a cosy surface to sink your toes into. There’s no point in buying a rug to put under your bed that only just reaches the size. In other words, go big with your rug.

Using loud colours

Loud colours like bright red, neon yellow and parrot orange are not the best colours for a bedroom. They are energising colours that tend to make us feel more alert. This is not what you want in a bedroom. Stick to more soothing tones such as pastel tones. Blue is a particularly calming colour and is ideal for a bedroom.

Not concealing clutter

If you want to make your bedroom relaxing, you should try to avoid clutter. When we’re surrounded by clutter we’re more likely to feel stressed and alert. If you can’t remove this clutter, find ways of concealing it in drawers and cabinets. To maximise storage space, consider options such as burying a bed with storage compartments underneath or opting for a fitted wardrobe.

Providing no symmetry

A bedroom that has no symmetry could also feel less relaxing. This is a big part of feng shui – the idea of creating balance in the home. Two ways to create symmetry in your bedroom include making sure that the head of the bed is in the centre of a wall and putting cabinets either side with matching lamps.

Letting the light in

Letting in too much outside light could affect your sleep quality. Make sure that windows are dressed with opaque curtains or thick blinds that won’t let in the light when closed. On top of preventing light from coming in, this will also ensure that your bedroom has a sense of privacy.

Blocking radiators

Try to avoid placing a wardrobe or bed right up against a radiator where possible. This will prevent heat from being able to freely circulate around the room, which could mean that your bedroom takes longer to warm up. Furniture may also start to warp over time if it is positioned directly against a radiator – most furniture is generally not designed to withstand direct heat for long periods.

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