Blogging for 3 years

Wow little did I know 3 years ago when I hit publish on my first blog post not only would I still be publishing blog posts but also developed a love for all things written and social media.

We have had the most amazing opportunities since I started this blog up and I hope we have managed to give a little back through our competitions (we have lots gone live today so don’t miss them!) and fundraising.

The thing with blogging is if your heart isn’t in it, it’s hard. I’ve had a few times when I have thought of having a break, I was suffering with a bit of a mental block.

I couldn’t think about anything exciting to write, too consumed in trying to be up on the top blog lists, shortlisted blogs for the awards, being something I thought people would want to read.

Then I realised I can’t be that, I just need to be me and remember why I started this blog.

So back to basics for me and it has worked.

I’ve developed that love for writing again and now with a passion for all things wedding I’ve started my wedding site too. Combining 2 things I love is such fun and I can’t wait to write posts on there, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many posts floating around in my head as I currently do for Wedding Bubble

If your thinking of starting a blog go for it, it can be such a creative outlet and does open up a whole new world (don’t break into song!) the only thing I would say is just remember it’s not just an over night thing, you don’t get an influx of pr emails straight away.

However what you put in is what you get! I’ve been blogging since half 5 this morning playing catch up on everything, but it’s so worth it!

Now I’m accepting cake today, if your sending them out 😀


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