How to keep kids active whilst on holiday

Kids wouldn’t be kids without charging around all day, right? They never seem to run out of energy, which is why it’s essential to keep them active if you’re heading off on holiday. With this in mind here are five ways to keep your little whirlwinds busy.

Make the most of facilities With travel companies like Tots Too offering luxurious family-friendly escapes to top-quality resorts you won’t be short of things to do. Many hotels these days come complete with a wealth of sensational facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts and football pitches, so be sure to make the most of them.

Check out the kids’ club Whether you’re heading to Cyprus or Italy there’s a good chance your holiday complex will have some kind of kids’ club. From crèches to teen groups there’s something for all ages, so it’s well worth checking out what’s on offer. Youngsters can often take part in a host of prearranged activities including rock climbing, snorkelling and gardening as well as exciting sports competitions.

Explore the great outdoors If you’re heading to a warm country you’ll find that many play centres, parks and water parks are located outside. Some are even on the beach front, so why not take your kids out for the day and let them run around in the fresh air checking out all the fantastic play equipment on offer? Of course, there are plenty of free things to do by the sea too, so grab the bucket and spade and let them have fun.

Try something new While you’re away from home wouldn’t it be cool to try something new? Pick an activity the whole family can enjoy and experience a brand new challenge together. Need some inspiration? Then try your hand at crazy golf or give horseback riding a go. Ponies are usually on offer for the little ones or you could even visit a donkey sanctuary or a camel park for a jaunt on another furry friend.

Play games Even if you’re staying in the middle of nowhere you can still keep the kids entertained. A simple bat and ball will do the trick or you could get hold of a badminton set or Frisbee. You could even challenge your little ones to a game of tag or hide and seek or encourage them to play musical statues or sleeping lions. Traditional party games in particular are ideal for long relaxed evenings in a hideaway family hotel – after all you don’t have to always jet off into the sun for a memorable break.

Holidays are the perfect time to run around with your kids having fun but if you need a break then check out the arranged activities on offer.

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