Building up to Ethan’s first day at school!

So the summer holidays are ticking away, that means there is only a matter of weeks before our baby starts school.

*Cry* I’m not ready!

When you have a baby you don’t realise (no matter how many people say it) just how quick time ticks by and before you have time to blink they are starting school then I’m sure again before long it will be their 18th birthday!

Ethan on the other hand is on countdown.

He can’t wait to get ready for his first day at school. We have constant chats about starting school, his class room and new teacher plus he can’t wait to have school dinners!

However as the build up starts only means that I have the stress of trying to get everything ready for the new school year.

Thankfully Ethan has decided to have school dinners so I don’t need to worry about sorting out a lunch box for him or anything however I do need to get started on the school uniform.

I’ve brought the school jumpers and PE kit however we still need to get all of the basics! It will be a trip to the local George section of our Asda in the coming weeks I think to top up on trousers and polo shirts, with their 100 day no quibble money back guarantee I can shop in the knowledge that the product will stand the test of time! Plus at only £2.50 for 2 polo shirts, I can’t really go wrong.

It is a little sad however that he is growing up so fast, I find it hard to think that this is them now until they leave school at 16 to work or go on to further education.

It all seems a little final, if not a little sad that their childhood becomes so much more structured. However I know from Kayleigh’s experience that he has so much fun to come with new friends and parties not to mention school trips coming up.

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