Buying Men´s Jeans as Presents

If a male relative has a birthday coming up and you are wondering what to buy him, why not give him an item of clothing for a change? You can shop here for men´s jeans in waist sizes 32 to 54 inches, and inside leg measurements of between 25 and 38 inches. The fact that most men wear jeans means that they make particularly good gifts. Provided, of course, you are careful about what type you buy and where you purchase them.

Choosing the right style

The most important step is choosing the style of jeans that you buy. By far the best approach is to take your lead from the person you are going to give them to. Take the time to observe the cut of jeans they wear the most often and try to buy something similar.

There really is no point in buying a pair of skinny jeans for someone who prefers baggier styles. They will never wear them, which means that they are likely to end up at the charity shop. Jeans are expensive items of clothing, so you really do not want to get your choice wrong.

Quality matters

Always look for a pair of jeans that you know are going to last. You can usually rely on branded jeans to look good for years. However, you do not necessarily have to spend that much money.

If you are shopping on a tight budget look at retailer own brands, most are actually quite good quality. However, before you buy you need to cast a critical eye over them. Look at the quality of the denim used and the stitching. Ideally, you want a pair with double stitched seams. These tend to last longer as well as hang better.

Practical considerations

Pay particular attention to the pockets. There needs to be enough of them and they should be deep. Men tend to carry items like wallets, phones and keys in their pockets so they are a very important consideration.

Also, check what type of fly they have. For an older man with arthritic fingers, a pair of button-fly jeans is not likely to be a good option. If you are buying for someone with dexterity issues make sure that the tag on the zip is big enough to easily grasp. It sounds like a little thing, but makes a big difference when you have to actually wear the jeans and use the zip.

Getting the sizing right

Some people are good at guessing other people´s size, others are not. If you fall into the latter category, ask their partner what size to buy. This will save you the hassle of having to return them if they are too big or small.

Buy from a retailer with a fair returns policy

Naturally, when buying clothing for a friend or relative, there is always a risk that what you buy will need to be returned. Therefore, you should understand the law and only buy from a well-established retailer with a good reputation. You can learn about your consumer rights from this website, but you will need to research the retailer´s returns policy on an individual basis.

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