Wise Words Wednesday with Charli

Welcome back to our latest Wise Words Wednesday feature! Today we have the lovely Charli taking to the hot seat.

One of my favourite features with our hot seat is the fact we get lots of new bloggers taking to the stage, no matter what point you are at in your blogging, you can always learn from others and have a story to tell so I’m chuffed that she was willing to take to the seat and share her journey with you!

So without further delay it’s over to Charli!

Tell us a little bit about you & your blog:

I’m Charli and I’m a stay at home mum with a daughter and step son. My blog One Wage Family is as the name suggests all about money and living in a household with one person earning a wage. I like to talk about ways to make money online to bring in some extra cash . I also love travel so like to share ways to travel on a budget. I only started my blog at the end of June 2017 so its still a bit of a work in progress!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve always been in to trying to earn money making online since my teens and have tried all sorts of ways in the past so naturally I’m enjoying writing about that. I’m also a bit of a cheapskate and nothing makes me happier than finding a good bargain which I like to share! Having a young child I mix with a lot of other parents and got to realise that like myself many of the stay at home parents wished they could work from home and just how desirable flexible working is for them. I wanted to show that there really are options to earn extra money as well as saving money which can be particularly useful when you have the all the costs associated with children!

What has been your highlight of blogging?

Being such a new blog nothing much exciting has happened yet however my ‘highlights’ are simply feeling like I’ve accomplished something and I’m enjoying learning about new things. I have never been particularly ‘tech savvy’ but have learnt so much through blogging already and feel like I’ve gained some useful new skills. 

Is there anything you have learnt about blogging which you wish you knew when you started out?

The main thing I have learnt from blogging so far is the importance of social media. I’m focusing on Pinterest in particular and I’ve  now realised some of my images on my earlier posts weren’t very ‘Pinterest worthy’ so I’m having to go back and edit some. Social media can be quite overwhelming at first especially if you don’t use it much in your personal life like myself, but I think it helps to really focus on maybe two social media platforms at the beginning and reach out to other bloggers for advice.

Bloggers sometimes get a lot of stick however many work really hard and are reaping the rewards, what has been the most rewarding part of blogging for you?

I think the most rewarding think I’ve found so far is finding the money blogger community and seeing how lovely and helpful everyone is. Hopefully when I start to get more viewers I will feel rewarded just knowing I may have helped someone in some small way 🙂

What would be your 1 tip you would give all new bloggers starting out?

Just dont give up! When you start out blogging it is a slow process and it can take some time to really start seeing people visit your blog. It can be very tempting to feel like not bothering but you really need to focus on keep creating content and promoting it and those viewers will come! Also make sure you blog about something that really interests you. One Wage Family is the fourth blog Ive started in 2 years, the main reason I gave up on all the others is that Id picked niches that I want really interested in but thought would do better because they were more specific with less competition. I love talking about money so its making it a whole lot easier to keep writing about! 

Who do you find inspiring to read/watch in the blogging world?

That’s a tough question as there’s so many inspiring bloggers. From the money blog world I’d probably say Emma Drew plus some of the big mummy bloggers that I find entertaining like The Unmumsy Mum and Hurrah for Gin.

Lastly – do you have any big plans/dreams for your blog in the next 12 months?

My plans are really just to keep writing and grow my blog! I’m hoping to learn more about SEO and improve my social media presence. It would be great if in time I could also earn from my blog as well, that would definitely be my dream!

Wise Words Wednesday Charli


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