Catching up with life – #1 – 2017

One thing I noticed as the end of the year was coming to a close was the fact that I couldn’t remember what we had done during the year. Of course I could remember things like birthdays and my operation but it was the little things that I was missing out on, so I wanted to capture it in the blog on a weekly basis, sometimes it will be picture heavy, other times it will just be memories and moments captured with words. It will just be somewhere for me to post about catching up with life.

It may not always be exciting or adventures away from home, other times it made be a tough time that has happened.

However it will be memories as they happen and a place to look back on as the months or years go by.

So this week has been so manic, it just has not stopped with one thing or another.

Work is manic as I work in finance and January sees the month end reporting, year end reporting and our year end audit all take place. Combined with the fact I still have to do my tax return, it is a little bit stressful! Every year I say I will get my tax return done early and every year I leave it till January. You would think working in finance I would know better!

The kids are back to school and have just finished their first week, which for us was an expensive week! Kayleigh needed new school shoes (her 3rd pair this school year) as well as new school trainers. Then there was the school trip letters that came home, Ethan is off for a religious education visit and Kayleigh is going to the tower of London.

I love the fact they are able to do these things however just the bits above set us back £60 in the first week which puts my stress levels up a little.

As well as the work bits going on I have also stepped up my mission to earn more money online (I know, I complain I don’t have time to do things then add more to my list) however I have had a productive week.

Last weekend I convinced Daddy Vs Work to part with some of his Warhammer 40k models which are selling on eBay and hopefully should bring some extra pennies in for us. Along with my blog work and matched betting I am hoping by the end of January I will be close to my target.

I also started exercising again following my operation, light exercise and a walk around the area where I work in my lunch break. Music turned up on my phone and a good dose of fresh air!

Plans for the coming week is to get the tax returns finalised, get back into the homework routine with the kids and just enjoy some family time!



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