Change 4 Life App

You may have noticed our competition we are running on the blog for your chance to win a £50 Co-Op voucher (If you haven’t head here!) in conjunction with Change 4 Life.

Change 4 Life are here to help everyone make the most out of life but in a healthy way and recently they brought out their meal mixer to help make meal times easier to eat healthy without the pressures of finding different things to cook all the time.

Now you can get your hands on this meal mixer either at the Change 4 Life website or in the app shop! I downloaded it via the app store a few weeks ago and since then have had the chance to try a couple of the recipes already. I have to say I was really impressed with the variety of meals they had on there and trust me they are easy meals that everyone can make!

The main excuses I’ve heard for people not cooking from scratch is I don’t know how to, it’s too hard or I don’t have time. All of which are not very good reasons I’m afraid! You can make a veggie packed pasta sauce and pasta in less than 20 minutes which are sure to fill everyone’s hungry tummies up but help them on the way to their 5 a day.

I want to set you a little challenge for February!

I want you to go download the app or apply for the meal mixer. From then on at least twice a week I want you to try a different meal from it. I’ve tried the fruit smoothie and the savoury rice so far and both are recommended!  More than that though, try to do it as a family so sit down to a new meal together once a week.

Make 2013 your year to make a Change 4 Life!

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