The new Samsung Eco washing machine advert!

Why is it whenever you get to the bottom of the washing pile another load pops up!? I’m certain that the washing machine is the most used appliance in our house!

With it being used so many times our thoughts are constantly on how much electricity we are using. So any machine with ecofriendly options are a big hit with me.

Samsung have brought out their Ecobubble machine with this in mind, delivering impressive wash results at just 15°C, using 70% less energy than a normal 40°C wash cycle.

To promote this they have launched a new advert and its a very clever one at that! It’s gone down a storm with 9,172,395 to date! Why not pop over and have a look, i guarantee you will be going “Aww how cute”

Told you! What is your favourite tv advert of all time?

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