Christmas traditions from around the world

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ….

Lights are going up, shops are stocking up and Instagram is filling up with Christmas tree pictures. So that means Christmas is well and truly on the way and I love it!

Bright Horizons Nursery in Docklands have come up with a very cool infographic which shares lots of fun facts about Christmas traditions around the world and how to say Merry Christmas in different countries.

I love traditions at Christmas, they may not be everyone’s traditions but they are ones that we have started when we had our own little family. They include us having a takeaway and playing Christmas music at full volume whilst we get the decorations up on the first weekend of December.

We also spend Christmas day in our house clothes/PJ’s or whatever you want. There is no rules on Christmas day other than to have a fun filled day and eat yummy food 🙂


What are you Christmas traditions or are you not a fan of Christmas?

This post is in collaboration with Bright Horizons

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