How I made £4k tax free in the last 12 month

How I made £4k tax free in the last 12 month

Christmas is coming round quickly and lots of us are probably thinking about the costs that come with the big day itself (Ethan has his eyes on a Lego set which is £200, even Santa isn’t that rich!) however what if I said there is a way to make a bit of extra cash that is risk free and you can do it from home?

Good news there is a way to do just that!

Regular readers of the blog may have already read my blog post on matched betting and whether I thought it would really work or if it was a scam.

However we have just past our 12 month matched betting anniversary and I thought I would share how we’re got on.

After starting with a small pot and signing up to Profit Accumulator to try out their 2 free offers, I continued on cautiously before signing up for a years subscription to them. Since then we haven’t looked back!

Unfortunately I am unable to bet during the day due to work however I make the most of the football offers in the evening or at weekends.

Do you want to know the best bit? Even with my hours limited to what I can put in and taking a few months break at the end of last year, we have managed to earn over £4000 tax free. So from my starting pot of £130 I have made a return of over 3000%!

All risk free and tax free.

I have had lots of questions on matched betting since I started and I honestly wouldn’t share my thoughts if I didn’t believe it really worked. These are some of the points I have come to the conclusion of :

  • You can make a comfortable £400 – £600 a month on part time hours, this is great as even on just £400 that is an additional £4800 a year for your household. However it won’t flood in straight away if you have a small starting pot. For me it took a few months to really get going as I had to move my money around waiting for withdrawals but be patient, you will get there!
  • Don’t risk your money on a gamble – Yes wouldn’t it be lovely to win £10k on a slot or a few extra 100’s on a bet which you haven’t layed against but don’t! Just think how much money you will be losing if you place the odd £5 bet here or £5 worth of spins there.
  • Read the instructions! – Profit Accumulator give you the step by step instructions on what markets to bet on and the odds you need to be betting on, don’t make silly mistakes by not reading.
  • Take your time – Don’t rush to get the offers done, this can lead to silly mistakes which can become costly. I have taken the attitude of this is additional money and anything extra is great. This way I have slowed down on the speed of my offers and concentrated on the offers with the better rewards.
  • Try not to spend your earnings – If you can help it, for the first few months try not to touch what you have earnt. For lots of people they seem to think that £2000 is a good pot to make a regular income from and it is easy to see why with the amount of bets you can put on. Because of this I decided not to touch our pot apart from emergencies, this has allowed me to do more offers without waiting for withdrawals.

For us it has given us a little nest egg for this year which has been great as it has been really tough for us this financially but knowing that money is there is great, what’s more though each month it gets added to a little at a time so its just growing.

So if you would like to find a way to earn a little extra money at home, why not give their 2 starter offers a go. You only need a small pot to get started and as long as you follow the steps it is risk free, then if you decide not to carry on, you’ve made a little extra money for Christmas!

If you do give it a go, come back and let me know how you’ve got on!


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