Cooking made easy!

Step 1 – buy a working cooker!

We finally have a working cooker after 6 months of living with just a dodgy hob and grill, hooray!
Isn’t it shiny?!

Cooking made easy
Anyway, now that we have that it means that we are back in the kitchen and baking away.

Since it was connected for us on Tuesday, I’ve managed to bake 2 cakes, lemon meringue, full sunday roast and a tray of rocky road.

Not to mention the other dinners that have been cooked on/in it.

I am however not claiming to be a wonder cook or the next best baker, just your average home cook, with a love for food.

Over the coming months I’m going to be sharing the things I’ve made under a receipe section so you can give it a go.

Trust me it won’t be anything that requires a degree in baking or a steady hand (I have neither of those!) but just tasty food that wont break the budget or test your cooking skills to the test!

Lemon Meringue

You can see our sweet and savoury recipes here.

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