My #MorningWin as a working mum!

Our mornings are pretty much mayhem!

I have to be at work for 8am and its a 10 minute drive on a good run from the breakfast club to work, the kids can’t go into breakfast club until 7.45am so there is little room for running late.

We start our day early in our household though as Daddy Vs Work has to be at work for 6.45am so he is out of work to pick the kids up from school. This means by the time he leaves the house I have about 1 hour 20 minutes to get myself, Kayleigh and Ethan out of the door.

I don’t waste this time though as it is valuable time I have to myself either as the kids lie in during the week or they tend to snuggle on the sofa whilst they wake up a bit.

Once the lunches are made (normally before Daddy Vs Work leaves) I then do the household chores before I leave, I sort the dishwasher out, set the washing machine up and on timer ready for later in the day and recently I’ve started to get the ironing done too.

I probably sound completely mad at 6.30 doing the housework but its a #MorningWin for me as it gives me time in the evening to catch up with our little family on what’s gone on and spend time together, nothing could be better really.

I’ve worked all the time since having kids but have had to fine tweak our routine to make sure we get out of the house on time especially as I have to get them out of the house myself now!

My top tips for getting out the house on time? Make sure everyone knows the night before what they need, reading books, library books etc, nothing worse than hunting these down in the morning. I always eat when I get to work too, I’m not really a breakfast person so first thing is too early for me to eat and I tend to have breakfast biscuits at my desk when I get started with a cup of tea.

Lucky for me belVita sent over a few of their new Crunchy biscuits to keep me going plus a little card for Costa coffee (this is on my fridge awaiting the black forest hot chocolate to come back this Christmas which I am slightly addicted too!)
Belvita Belvita
These were perfect to pop a pack in my bag and eat on the go at work and very tasty! I always have mine with a cuppa however they recommend having a yoghurt and piece of fruit with it, which I’m going to give a go this week. I found these very filling and loved them!

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