A cosy floor for your house

Giving your home a makeover is no simple task. There can be many decisions to make, and one of the toughest tends to be the floor. Ideally you need something practical, but also something that works with your budget too. Another element that can prolong decisions being made is if you have children. The floor can be a big concern, particularly if you have younger children. Don’t get us wrong, you want something that looks aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to be reliable and durable.

Engineered flooring

This floor perfectly imitates real wood, but at a fraction of the price. It’s one of those floors that feels lovely under foot, and because of the way is manufactured it offers great stability. Unlike its hardwood counterpart it stands up much better to moisture, and as a result it doesn’t expand or contract with temperature fluctuations.

As the top layer is made from real wood this means that the floor is available in different species of wood; such as oak, walnut, larch or acacia. However, as with real wood, engineered doesn’t always spillages very well, you must ensure that any liquid is quickly wiped up in order to prevent any damage to the floor.

Laminate flooring

Very similar to engineered floor but much less expensive, there is a wide range of cheap laminate flooring available to help create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your house. Laminate floor is capable of imitating multiple surfaces, from natural stone to wood. Unlike engineered wood, laminate floor is waterproof which means you can relax and not worry about any mishaps!

Laminate flooring is incredibly durable and this is all thanks to its four layers, the backing prevents moisture penetrating the floor, the core offers stability similar to that of engineered wood, the image is exactly that; a photograph printed on the floor and then topped with a final protective layer. In terms of aesthetics, laminate floor not only feels cosy it looks it too, in fact, you’d be surprised at the character laminate flooring offers to a room!

Vinyl Flooring

Cheaper than the previous floors mentioned, vinyl is a fantastic option if you are looking to create a comfy atmosphere, especially given how soft it is underfoot. It is also water resistant which makes it perfect for installing in bathrooms and kitchens. As well as this, it is very durable and scratch resistant – perfect if your children are a bit destructive! Finally, vinyl is one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain, all it needs is a daily sweep and weekly mop to keep it looking pristine.

The qualities and attributes that this floor harbours are mainly due to the fact that it is made of a certain type of plastic. This is often where vinyl is criticised for being ‘cheap’, but if you weigh up the cost of the floor and the lifespan of it, it’s actually great value for money! One of the most appealing qualities is the ability to imitate any surface, making it really versatile for any room in your home.

We can’t make the choice for you, but we hope this post acts as a guide and make your decision slightly easier in the end!

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