Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for a Romantic Getaway

Staying happily married takes a lot of hard work. Once kids come along, your priorities change and it’s no longer just the two of you. You must devote time and effort to keeping the little ones happy, and believe us, that’s no mean feat.

Unless you want your marriage to crumble, like 42% of couples in the UK, it is wise to devote at least some of your crazy life to romancing your other (better) half. One way to do this is to book a romantic getaway where the two of you can rekindle the love and remind each other why you got married. Hopefully you have something to talk about…but that’s a whole different topic!

In this article, we are going to look at wardrobe planning. Since this is a time when you want to dress to impress, you need to pack a suitable capsule wardrobe. Your other half is probably used to seeing you schlep around the house in a stained t-shirt and baggy tracksuit bottoms. Comfort is all well and good when you were up all night taking care of a cranky, sick toddler, but you need to up your game on a romantic weekend away.

Assuming you have managed to persuade the in-laws to have the kids for a weekend, here is a packing guide.

Pack for the Venue

Firstly, pay close attention to the venue. There is a world of difference between a cosy coaching inn and a 5* country house hotel. The former won’t mind if you dress down for dinner whereas the latter will probably have a dress code. Check this out before you pack, and if there is a dress code for dinner, monitor your other half’s packing activities, just in case they miss the memo.

Sightseeing Wardrobe

It’s unlikely to be the kind of weekend where you spend most of it in your room – although we salute you if you still have the energy for that malarkey. Assume that at least some of your time will be spent sightseeing and exploring.

Pack a pair of sensible shoes or boots. Boots are probably the best choice, as they can be matched with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfortable hoodie. If the weather is going to be cold, now is the time to stock your wardrobe with a couple of new designer pieces such as the Balenciaga hoodie from Ssense.

If the weather is likely to be mild, pair your jeans and boots with a shirt and Balenciaga t-shirt. In very warm weather, swap out your boots for some lightweight trainers.

Take a rainproof jacket if your romantic weekend is in the UK. It always rains, so why tempt fate? A gilet is a useful compromise if you don’t think a full jacket is required. It takes up less room, too, if space is a premium.

Casual Lunch Wardrobe

A pair of skinny jeans and a pretty top are fine for a casual lunch, but if you want to up your game, swap out the skinny jeans for a bo-ho dress and pair it with that gilet we mentioned. Add some cute jewellery and a nice scarf. These are great finishing touches that will lift any outfit. In cold weather, go for a knitted dress instead. Again, with the addition of a pretty scarf and some jewellery, a knitted dress looks fabulous with a pair of leather boots. If you are not feeling too confident about your figure, wear some shapewear to hold everything in place.

Romantic Dinner

You can’t plan a romantic weekend away without making a reservation for at least one romantic candlelit dinner for two. This is a great opportunity to dress up to the nines and impress the heck out of your partner. Pack a slinky dress and some heels. Give the mumsy tights a miss and slip on some holdups instead. If you are feeling adventurous, why not splash out on some sexy lingerie too? Sure, you might prefer to catch up on your sleep instead of rocking the sleigh bed, but hey, at least you’ll feel super sexy for a night!

Accessorise your outfit with some nice jewellery, preferably something your partner gave you as a gift. Pack your hair styling kit and put some effort into curling/straightening your hair. Think of this as a date night. Your partner probably doesn’t see you all dressed up very often, so take advantage and put lots of effort in!

Don’t forget to pack a sexy slip nightie too. It all adds to the anticipation, even if you subsequently collapse into a Merlot-enhanced coma.

The items we have mentioned so far will cover all eventualities. All that remains is to pack some gear for the spa and swimming pool, if appropriate. Invest in a new bikini or swimming costume. That old thing you wear to take the kids swimming is probably falling apart by now. You need to look your best!

All that remains is to say: have fun!

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