Health and fitness plans for 2019

Health and fitness plans for 2019

2018 has been a busy year and in terms of my health, it’s not been too bad. I’ve not really been very poorly thankfully and avoided the major bugs that have done the rounds so far.

However, it could have been a bit better!

Due to lack of time and motivation this year I have become lazy and my snacking has become terrible! I have found us reaching for a takeaway menu or 2 bars of chocolate in the evening, there is no excuses for it though, just laziness really.

This has been then having a knock on effect with my health as I have been feeling a bit sluggish, very bloated and my skin is terrible too. The thing is, I can see it happening, I’ve just not done anything to correct it.

So, with the new year almost here I am looking to get back on track a bit more. I’m not going to become a fitness fanatic with the perfect diet overnight, I am very realistic on that. However, I am going to treat my body with a little bit more respect. I would like to get to the summer next year and not feel so bloated and uncomfortable.

I’ve been looking online at swimwear for the summer next year and Simply Swim have a gorgeous range of swimming costume for ladies, however, I have become conscious of how I feel and look. I know that others probably don’t notice and that is fine, this change in health won’t be for others will be for my own sanity.

Here are my plans for the new year with our health plans:

  • Cut down our snacking and switch in a few healthier treats – It’s ok to have a little treat however we need to get out of the habit of multiple sweets & crisps each day!
  • Drink more water – I can’t remember the last time I had a glass of water. I need to get back into the habit of having it as my go to drink throughout the day, it is a great way to flush your system out.
  • Make more homemade dinner – Takeaways as good as they taste are not great for the waistline, so in the new year I would like to be a bit more organised with my meal planning and ensure we have more homemade meals.
  • Portion control – I have found myself having portions way too big for my belly but then still finishing them and complaining I feel sick after! I need to work on the portion control next year.
  • Get moving more – Although I walk to and from work, I don’t do much else so I need to find a fitness activity I like doing and stick to it. I don’t expect to be working out daily but if I can get to 3 times a week I will be happy.

Here is to a healthier and fitter new year!

Health and fitness plans for 2019

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