Dealing with anxiety and it’s affects #livelifeready

Anxiety, something I’ve spoken about in detail on the blog previously. After our car accident it wasn’t just the car that was involved in a smash but my mental health.

In a matter of weeks I had gone from someone who was pretty much care free just getting on with daily life into someone who had turned into a hermit.

People often confuse stress and anxiety with each other but they are two completely different things, which can cripple anyone in different ways.

With my anxiety every day was a challenge.

Even the simple thought of going into a supermarket made me feel physically sick, my stomach would drop, heart rate would rise and my head would race with thoughts of what might happen to me. I would feel light headed and breathless, almost breaking into a full blown panic attack at times.

I know it is completely irrationality to think like this, even at the time I knew it was irrational but I could not help it. The more frustrated I got the worse the anxiety got.

A few weeks ago we lost our beloved dog Lola, the shock of something like that brings the anxiety bubbling back to the top. It was like someone had opened the door and let it all back out again.

Thankfully it’s under control and no where near as bad as it was before, but its there. It’s bubbling below the surface again. A bit like a volcano waiting to explode again.

It’s in my everyday life, I have to double check, even triple check things such as looking up the car, blowing out a candle, turning off the cooker.

If I get into bed without checking these things, I can’t sleep, I have to get up and check before my mind will switch off. It’s something I have come to accept now and just deal with it all.

Kalms have just released a new capsule to help deal with the symptoms of mild anxiety using a uniquely prepared bland of lavender oil. In one of their studies it found that 70% of those taking the lavender oil capsules were rated as “much” or “very much” improved at the end of their treatment.


I use Kalms when I am finding things tough, so I know how well there normal products work however I think I will switch to these new Lavender capsules and give them a go.

Dealing with anxiety

If you are struggling with anxiety here are my few tips for helping you through it:

  1. Firstly believe me you are not alone – I know you feel it is a lonely scary place to be but I promise you are not alone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to talk about it – It is nothing to be ashamed of, if you feel you can’t handle it on your own seek help. I had multiple appointments with my doctor and also a counselor.
  3. Try things like these Kalms lavender capsules – Like i said I used the normal Kalms after my accident and felt they really helped, if you want to use a herbal medicine give them a go.
  4. Take baby steps – Set yourself a goal a day, no matter how small and work towards it. Mine started with taking a walk to the corner shop, expanding out to going to supermarket or town which were super busy, however I felt like I had achieved something.
  5. Give yourself a break – Whether its just a bath or reading a book for 30 minutes, make time to care for yourself.

Anxiety may be something people feel ashamed of, but you shouldn’t be. Just take time to look after yourself and take steps to get back to being you.

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