Extra income report #2 – February 2017

Extra income report #2 – February 2017

So we are into March already, not sure where February went if I’m honest.

However spurred on by my extra income report in January, I tried to focus as much as I could on learning new ways to earn money on what I know already works.

In the coming months I am going to focus on my blogs (yes blogs, I have a new one launching soon specifically for learning about making money online and saving money too!) and matched betting and trying to improve the income and diversity of income from both these sources.

Also with the summer coming along its going to be times to get the house cleared of junk we don’t need using Ebay and maybe even a boot sale. We seem to have a never ending supply of bits that we are probably hoarding!

Blog income – £542.29

My blog income last month to this month was not too dissimilar. The only good news this month was I finally made some income from affiliate links. It wasn’t much to be honest however you have to start somewhere. This is the main focus for me this year, working through the affiliate marketing course I signed up for and putting it into practice on the blogs. For the purpose of my income reports I track my affiliate income on when it gets received rather than when it is earnt.

Matched betting income – £838.35

This month in matched betting I have been focusing on learning about ACCA’s. Again Profit Accumulator has videos and instructions to help you through these step by step and if you get stuck they have a forum in which you can ask questions and get advice on your issues.

I’m pleased I have made the move into ACCA’s as it is another option for making money and with Cheltenham around the corner I am going to give myself a refresher this week on extra place horses, another additional way of making money.

Fingers crossed this month with a major horse racing festival on I can make some good money!

Other income – £110.00

Again this has come from Ebay this month. I am not one to do a mass ebay, simply as I run out of time to wrap and post all the items however I am slowly putting bits on Ebay as a bit of a double edge sword. Not only to make extra money but to also clear some space in our house!

Total extra income – £1490.64

I am so pleased with this months total and amazed that I managed to make that much money! Of course off this I need to take out the money I put aside for my tax bill and EBay fee’s however even taking these into consideration I have managed to increase my income by almost £100 on last month.

I didn’t quiet make the £1000 earned from my matched betting however an additional £830 tax free is not to be sniffed at!

March goals –

  1. Launch my new blog
  2. Prepare Mummy Vs Work posts and get more scheduled as I am due to go in for my foot operation early April
  3. Make £1000 matched betting – I will get it this month!
  4. Aim to make a total of £1600

Extra income report


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