Dear Ethan… Happy 4th Birthday – an open letter

Dear Ethan,

I can’t believe another year has passed and I’m sat here writing your letter for your 4th birthday, it seems like only yesterday I wrote this post!

You’re snoring away in bed, as is Kayleigh! After a very busy day walking around Whipsnade Zoo as a birthday treat.

Before you headed to bed you requested banners and the little flags (bunting!), I said no but it’s up as a surprise along with some balloons, it’s becoming our little families tradition.

This year has seen you change so much.

You are slightly obsessed with playing football (all the time!) but also have a passions for skylanders and so much more like lego, cars etc.

If there is a ball on the ground you have to kick it, even if it’s 7.15 in the morning when we head out the door.

You have also become a little bit cheeky, you think you are always funny too!

More than that you have learnt so much, you know your colours, numbers and alphabet not to mention writing your own name and telling me all about the planets.

You’ve also grown so big too! Almost the same size as Kayleigh but as quick and tough as anything. If you fall you brush yourself down and go again.

There is no stopping you.

You have no fear either, even if you make my heart stop whilst you jump off something a bit high or climb!

You have a sensitive side too (sometimes!) last week you came in upset that you had squashed a spider, you didn’t mean to, you just wanted to tickle him.












Have the most amazing birthday my little baby, you are such a joy to have in our family and I can’t wait to see your huge smile in the morning!

Lots of love
Mummy, Daddy & Kayleigh

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