Wedding invites – the DIY way!

With our wedding now only 10 months from today (countdown post will be up later this week!) I am going into slight panic mode about the invites.

We do not have an unlimted budget which has mean’t we are trying to save where we can and one area this includes is the stationary.

After heading to our local craft shop we managed to get all the bits we needed for the save the days, place cards, invites and table numbers for less than £40 however the only draw back to that is I need to make the invites!

My crafting skills are ok, probably average however that isn’t the real problem here. My major problem is I’m so indesisive.

We have gone from one design to the next in my head and I think we are on design number 3 from practise. I do however think I have found “the one” and am really excited about the (Not so much the making of them all though).

All I need to do now is get some ink for the printer so I can print the interior cards out plus I think I need to get a little bit more card due to the amount I’ve used whilst practising/desiging or redesiging!

On top of that I really need to get some sort of organiser so I can keep track of all the payments that will need to be paid and when!

Here is a little sneak of the invites (no guarantee this is the final design!) plus these are not finished. Its all exciting but nervewracking at the same time!


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