Dear Ethan… Happy 5th Birthday! – An open letter

Dear Ethan,

Happy 5th birthday to you, our cool little man!

You have been so excited in the build up to this weekend and your birthday and now your big day is finally here.

Yesterday you had your first party with friends from your school and you loved every minute of it. You don’t really say that much about school, you tend to say you can’t remember. However it was lovely watching you playing with your friends, mainly boys and you were all laughing and running around (not to mention playing football!).

This year has been a busy year for you as you are just nearing the end of your reception year however its not been easy.

You love going to school however you have managed to pick up every bug going this year from ear infections to tonsilitus to chicken pox but you’ve bounced back and hopefully over the next few months your immune system will grow stronger and there will be less bugs!

Over the last year you have learn’t so much, including learning to read however you have a real talent for drawing and colouring, your pictures are always appearing around the house.

You’ve also become such a little boy, climbing, getting mucky and generally running around at 100mph but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Carry on being you, don’t let anyone change you. You are clever, funny, caring and adventurous!

Have the most amazing birthday little man!

Lots of love

Mummy, Daddy & Kayleigh

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