Dear Ethan… Happy 9th Birthday!

Dear Ethan… Happy 9th Birthday!

Dear Ethan,

Happy 9th birthday!

Yesterday you told me you would be having a lazy morning and get up about 8 today. We all knew that would not happen, you have been counting down for weeks to have your birthday and now it is here you are so happy.

We have been planning your birthday party for a while, you couldn’t wait for your friends to come and join you at a local trampoline park. You’ve not had many parties over the years as you have never really wanted on but this time you couldn’t wait.

It is hard to believe that you are 9 now, it just seems like time has gone by too fast. You are growing up before our eyes.

Over the last year, you have continued to change and grow in confidence. Some times you can push your luck a little however it doesn’t happen too often, you are normally pretty chilled out about most things, maybe a bit too chilled at times. We don’t really have many issues with your behaviour or homework, however, fussy eating habits are still a big issue! You are so fussy! I know it will probably pass but if you are reading this back in the future, currently you eat the following:

  • Homemade chicken nuggets
  • Pizza
  • Pancakes
  • Roast
  • Toad in the Hole

You can’t stand things like pasta, rice or anything with mince in it! It can be a real battle at dinner times but we are working through it together.

One thing that has really started to come through from you this year is your love of technology. You really are a gamer at heart and that is no surprise but with the tech you are able to understand problems that would probably baffle lots of adults, it wouldn’t surprise me if you work in the tech & gaming industry when you grow up.

This year you also headed to your first football match, it wasn’t a great match however you really enjoyed it. We were then lucky enough to win tickets for a match in one of the executive boxes, which again was such an amazing thing for you to have experienced. Topping it all off with our team being champions that season.

Over the next year, just carry on being you, don’t be caught up in what you think your friends want you to be or what the latest trends are. Just stick to being you, because you are awesome!

Happy birthday, sweetheart, I hope you love the cake you requested I make & have an amazing birthday!


Mummy, Daddy and Kayleigh


Dear Ethan... Happy 9th Birthday!

Dear Ethan... Happy 9th Birthday! Dear Ethan... Happy 9th Birthday!

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