Dear Kayleigh… the day you turned 6 – An open letter

Dear Kayleigh,

So you are now 6, the age you’ve been counting down to for so long.

All week we’ve been on countdown to your birthday and this morning your brother was trying to whisper to wake you up, he suceeded in waking you up but his whisper was more like a shout! You asked me to decorate the living room, a tradition of ours now, which I did. I also got you a sparkly birthday badge which you asked for.

This past year has been an amazing one for you, having finished your first year in school and now in year 1 we have been lucky enough to watch you blossom into this confident little butterfly.

You had so many party invites last year that I lost count and so many children talk to you on the way out of school or whilst we are at parties. You seem to be friends with so many people and love just socialising with them.

In school you got a flawless school report for your 1st year and they said how well behaved you are, I’m not surprised. Although you have your days, you are such a little pleasure and we are lucky  to call you our daughter/sister.

Your funny, thoughtful, caring and so smart. There is nothing that you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

We have had lots of fun too this year and you loved the trip back to Lanzarote, so much so you can’t wait to go again. You have this little sense of adventure about you and hopefully in the future we will be able to extend our travels and find new things. You love learning about different things such as cultures and history. However you also have a really soft side after telling me the harvest festival at school is to collect food for those who are not as lucky as you and wanting to donate some food for them.

Enjoy your party this weekend and make sure you make your 6th year the best yet!

Work hard at school but also play hard, the world is your’s for the taking, you just need to dream big.

Happy 6th Birthday sweetheart.

Lots of love and hugs.

Mummy, Daddy & Ethan xxx

Kayleigh Kayleigh