What we’ve been watching on Netflix in October

With the darker nights drawing in we’ve been making the most of our Netflix subscription and Kayleigh and Ethan have discovered some classic cartoons.

Here is what has been top of our viewing over the last month:Pokemon-Indigo-League

Daddy Vs Work has introduced the kids to Pokémon, starting with the first ever episode. With so many episodes to pick from it is only right to start at the beginning!


Each week we are letting the kids take it in turns to pick the film for the movie nights, this was Ethan’s choice.

To be honest we have never heard of the film before but as he wanted to watch it, this was the film. Based around the Little Red Riding hood story (loosely) it goes into another story about what the big bad wolf was up to as well as granny and Red Riding hood.

It took a while to get into this film however it wasn’t that bad and the kids enjoyed it!

Hansel & Gretel

This film was my choice! I really enjoyed this film the first time I watched it however it was a long time ago on a small screen. So making the most of streaming Netflix onto our tv, it was even better on the big screen!

Not one to watch with little people around and if your a bit squeamish but a great film none the less.

We’re really enjoying our Netflix subscription and I can’t wait to see what else we discover. Plus the Christmas movies are on the way!

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