Dream home, through the kids eyes

Dream home, through the kids eyes

Everyone has their own idea of what makes their dream home and the kids are no different.

There has been lots of talk in our house about our plans for an extension in the future so that Kayleigh and Ethan are able to have their own room and they have plenty of ideas about what they would like in their room!

Ocean Loans challenged both Kayleigh and Ethan to design their own home that they would build however they had to design it with Lego!

They decided that they would work on a home together and after playing Minecraft (probably far too much!) this is their own design.

Dream Home Dream Home Dream Home
As with any good home it comes complete with a lovely double bed and fluffy cushions.

Then there is the desk, complete with the designer chair and the important tools for building. I can see Kayleigh’s touch with the pretty flowers on the desk, perfect inspiration for the day ahead!

The last feature they added was the horse…

Not sure I’d fancy the horse living in our house but they do!

Thank you Ocean Loans for getting the kids building and for their Lego gift.

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