Meal Planning Monday – 07/03/16

I’ve been a bit AWOL on the blog and all things social media but in a plan to be a bit more organised and get back into the blogging scene I thought I’d start getting meal times planned a bit better and hopefully freeing up some time in the evening.

So back on to the meal planning we go. This week I am going to try to use the ingredients that we have in our cupboards/fridge and freezer so I don’t make too many trips to the local supermarket this month as that seems to be zapping all of our money as going in for a loaf of bread is starting to cost £20 plus a time!

Our breakfasts are just normally cereal or toast and we all have packed lunches so I don’t bother listing those however here are our evening meals for the coming week.

Monday – Leftover lamb curry – we had a leg of lamb for dinner yesterday so in a bid to save waste and money I plan to use the left over lamb to make a curry. Not something we’ve done before but something we are going to try!

Tuesday – Whatever anyone wants! I have a dreaded dentist appointment at 4 so I am not going to be eating as I am having a filing but I will take requests for everyone else’s dinner.

Wednesday – Tacos, family favourite so makes sense.

Thursday – Tuna pasta bake, the kids love this so its an all round winner as its super quick.

Friday – Chicken wraps

Saturday – Toad in the hole, we haven’t had this for ages and I have sausages to use so seems like a good idea!

Sunday – Lazy day, I will probably find a meal I’ve frozen in the past and use this!

I really need to start looking for more family friendly budget meals as we continue to save money this year so if you have any suggestions feel free to pop a link in the comments below 🙂

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