Embracing Your Curves

There’s nothing wrong with being full-figured. In fact, it’s probably the best thing about me. I love that I can throw my weight around (literally and figuratively) to show my personality and let people know who I am. I’m bold, assertive, and proud of who I am.


But that doesn’t make shopping for this voluptuous figure any easier. I tend to shy away from certain styles that I know won’t fit, but it’s hard to tell in some cases. So how do you drape a full figure with the right plus size clothing?

Here are my tips and tricks.

Go With the Flow

Flowy dresses and tops that gently lay over your curves are fantastic options for flattering clothes that aren’t too tight. They’re light, airy, cool, and comfortable. I still have flexibility and range of motion, they cover my hind quarters when I sit down, and in the perfect pattern, they can be anything from feminine to show-stopping.

Stretch Daily

Elastic is your friend. Yes, I know you may feel like a grandma in those elastic waisted pants, but I promise with your brand new flowy top, no one will see it, and you will be more comfortable. Even if your waist isn’t elastic, or you simply can’t hop on the grandma bandwagon just yet, make sure your pants at least have some elastic qualities, like spandex or something else with give. They’ll slide over your hips and thighs like a dream.

Back in Black

Black is slimming. It always has been. It always will be. Should you hide your curves? No. But you can make them look sleek and sexy by adorning them in something that polishes your look and makes you seem professional, sophisticated, and trendy.

What are your favorite solutions for flattering plus size clothing?

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