Introducing you to our newest family member, Baabara!

Introducing you to our newest family member, Baabara!

I want to take a second to introduce you to our latest family member, Baabara.

Introducing you to our newest family member, Baabara!

Isn’t she cute!

If you have read the blog before you are probably aware that I love quirky products. One of my favourite pieces in the house is still my Chemist Terrarium Kit from Suck UK which I reviewed from Red Candy a few years ago. I might not like bold colours but I like things to be a little fun and stand out from the norm.

This toilet roll holder from Red Candy has become a big hit in our house, it even encourages the kids to top up the toilet rolls as they don’t want Baabara to be hairless.

It is made from metal and stands happily in the bathroom however if you would prefer to have it off the floor there is the option to screw it to the wall, it comes with 2 pre-drilled screw holes to be able to do this. Altogether it is well built and does the job you would expect it to do.

Baabara brings a little bit of fun to our bathroom and is a nice alternative to borning toilet roll holders or even the packet which we used to have on display. If you have someone who is moving house soon or they just love quirky things they are going to love this!

Bring a smile to the visitors to your loo with this unique design toilet roll holder!

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