Ever dream of spending that big win?

Do you ever dream of winning the big one? You know the ones you could buy everyone you know a home and still have money left over?

Be it through lottery, bingo (such as GameVillage Bingo) or another way we’ve all done it.

Daddy Vs Work and I have already made our wish list of what we’d spend the win is on if we were ever that lucky!

We’ve planned our dream home, I’d love a house with a view and a drive leading up to it. Not to mention open spaces, plenty of storage and a open plan kitchen with space for an island.

This isn’t forgetting my little list of an Audi, kitchen aid and a MacBook Pro plus a whole host of other items.

I don’t think I could ever imagine winning more than a couple of pounds, imagine what it feels like getting that call/email or finding out you’ve won millions?!

However what are the chances of ever winning the big one?

It’s really down to luck really isn’t it, or is it? This article on how to win the jackpot seems to think there is a more logical way to it, granted into not an obvious way and the lotteries would never admit it!

I’m not a massive gambler myself but I do play our birthday numbers on the lottery in the hope that one day our numbers would come in, no such luck yet.

Learn more about LadyLucks Mobile Casino here but please remember if you do decide to try your luck gamble responsibly.

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