Fear of flying – irrational or justified?

I’m currently writing this sat strapped in my seat of the aircraft (don’t panic I wrote it in notes then transferred it to wordpress!) and I’ve discovered I’m not keen on flying.

I’m a worrier naturally and having worked in an airline for over 8 years I’ve probably heard more stories and old wives tales about planes than I’d care to think about.

However I don’t let it stop us going abroad (granted this flight is only my 3rd holiday abroad ever and 2nd as a family!) and I try hard not to let my fear show with the kids.

Easier said than done sometimes though! Last year the cabin crew who I knew laughed and said I don’t have air legs…. They were right, I don’t. Nor do I have sea legs either!

I hate roller coasters or fast rides that make your stomach drop and both of he hose feelings combined is what it feels like at take off, I won’t even try to describe what it feels like when the aircraft turns!

But is fear of flying an irrational fear?

It’s not one I think you can explain. If you could guarantee to me that there would be no turbulence and aircrafts never experienced any problems I’d happily jump on a plane but that isn’t something someone can predict.

Anyway, this post and some food has managed to distract me for 2 hours of our flight… Only another 1 1/2 hours till we begin our descent….

Fear of flying – irrational or justified?


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