Finalising some plans for our home this summer

Finalising some plans for our home this summer

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The date is now set for July, we are finally going to be cracking on with some major work in the house and give the kids their own room.

We are fortunate that we live in a bungalow and have 2 large bedrooms, it gives us the chance to move things internally to make it work better for us until we save up to have an extension added to the rear of the property.

Now however we are in full planning mode as we try to cram in as much as we can in the next few months before the work commences.

We have finalised pretty much the room layouts and decided on the cabin beds for the kids’ room. However, we haven’t really paid much attention to the walls or the flooring up until this point.

As we are changing the rooms from 2 rooms up to 3, they are going to be slightly smaller rooms. We are going to be working on keeping them as light as possible. The last thing we really want to do is make space feel any smaller than it will be.

We are going to do this on the walls and the floor. The only thing I am unsure about is whether to use laminate flooring through the hallway. I love laminate flooring and think it is practical however I am not sure I could bear to hear the dogs walking up and down in the hallway before I get up.

With that in mind and the fact, it will be a high traffic area I am thinking our hallway will be a grey colour carpet, not too dark, but dark enough to take the traffic without it looking dirty all the time.

Finalising some plans for our home this summer

For our room and the kids’ room, I would like to bring a little bit of colour in without it becoming too much. My plans for these rooms are to keep the flooring simple again, light coloured carpets that are not too light they show off the marks easily.

With the walls and furniture, I am thinking about keeping it light also with white furniture where we can, with the options to bring colour through accessories. With the space being limited I am trying to let light bounce around the walls and then bring pops of colour with the beddings, accessories and other bits in the room.

The reality is we don’t have much time left to go before we get cracking on this so I need to make as many decisions as I can in the coming weeks. What are your best tips for making space look bigger than it really is?


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