Our week in one picture – 05/05/19

Good morning and welcome back to today’s blog post. This week’s picture sums up our whole week, in one simple picture.

It is the end of the season for football and what a season it has been.

Our week in one picture - 5th May 2019

I am a Luton Town fan and have been since I was a little girl, this year I have managed to take Ethan to a couple of games which he loved and we got to see the action live rather than on the tv or via the radio.

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster after thinking our season may still fall at the last hurdle to being promoted and then as champions. I understand that people don’t get the interest in football, where is the interest in people kicking a ball about a field? However, it is much more than that.

It is about the club and the community.

For example, Luton Town has just got permission to build a new ground, now set aside the fact the history our ground currently brings. This new ground is going to be in the heart of the town, a place that has been derelict for as long as I can remember. This piece of land will bring more than just the ground, it will offer the town we live in so much more with its shops, restaurants and other facilities.

The club is at the heart of the community too with it’s fundraising it does as well as community projects that run alongside these.

However, the most important thing the club has done over the past few years is to restore the pride back into a town. The town has had some pretty shocking press over the last few years and to be back in the news for positive’s is great.

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