Fruit carvings with Tesco

If you shop at Tesco’s you may have noticed that when you spend over £20 online or instore you can collect stickers towards 70% off professional kitchenware items.

This promotion is currently running between 3rd March to 1st June 2014 so still plenty on time to collect your stickers if you wasn’t aware of it by now!

This is a great way to update bits of your kitchenware at a fraction of the cost.


We received a knife block with 5 Thomas Kitchen knives which you can get in the promotion to have a go at fruit/vegtable carving (plus we have a set to giveaway so don’t miss out on that later in the week)

I’m going to confess to two things here, one I’ve never done anything like this before and two I am the most clumsiest person in the kitchen, always cutting, burning or bumping myself so this was a huge challenge to me!

After having a look through the fruit bowl I decided to take to youtube for a bit of inspiration on apple carving.

At this point I did think maybe I was a bit mad to take this on but none the less I was going to give it a go with a little help of youtube!

I was going to explain what I did and try to sound like I know what I’m talking about but I’ll be honest, I’ve not got the foggiest so I’ll just show you my efforts and my first ever attempt at fruit carving!







I was so pleased with myself I had a little cheer and proceeded to show everyone in the house what I had done, Ethan however thought it was a duck….it’s a swan so close enough!

So this is my entry into the Tesco carving competition to win a £150 meal from Red Letter Days. I think there will be some amazing entries so don’t expect to win but the fact I still have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs left whilst creating a swan is enough for me!

What do you think?

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