Parenting can be tough but so rewarding!

Parenting can be a tough at times but it is so so rewarding!

If your like me and on Instagram or on Pinterest you’ll see so many people making the most amazing home made meals or crafts that look like they’ve come from a craft book and all I can make is a shoe book boat and if I’m knackered after work, a microwave meal!

It sometimes makes you think, am I doing enough?

Then you get a reality check and realise your children are blossoming into these little cheeky characters that are full of wonder and knowledge without the need for you to be super mum!



We’ve now had both Kayleigh and Ethan’s parent evenings over the last few weeks.

Ethan is really growing and developing at preschool. He’s loving learning and wants to learn but he’s also loving making friends and playing.

He can’t wait to start school in September and asks so often when is he starting.

Kayleigh’s parent evening was tonight and I admit I almost cried.

Her teacher explained she’s already reached most of her targets for this year and loves to draw and read but more importantly than that she is just a pleasure to have in the classroom.

She is helpful, loves taking part in everything going but also is such a caring little girl. If someone is upset she takes time to make sure they are ok.

What did make us laugh is the fact everyone knows her brother Ethan! The first thing she does at lunch is run to the fence and check that he’s ok in preschool before going to play. She must talk about him lots.

They both still come out with funny little things too.

Kayleigh loves talking to me about the wedding, she can’t wait. I think she’s more excited about having a new dress and flowers!

Ethan was tidying up in their room a few days a go and said to me, I’m making a good choice mummy to make you smile.

I reminded him that he always makes me smile for him to reply, I’m his best friend.

Life is too short to compare yourself to others, all you can do is your best and forget what you see/think is the “perfect parent”

Children just need love to nurture them into little people on their journey through life and Kayleigh and Ethan will always get it in bucket loads from Daddy Vs Work & I.

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