Fussy Eater Alert!

Ok my darling daughter has now become a fussy eater at the age of 3 and its driving me bonkers.

People always used to say “we know who she takes after” in a comment to my eating habits as I pretty much eat anything and everything put in front of me! However that has all changed over the last few weeks. She has become increasingly fussy to the point of now refusing to eat dinner, even if its something she’s had before saying “eww I don’t like that”  before even tasting it! This is the child that was raised on spicy food, curries, rice and pasta dishes turning everything down…

It is driving me mad!

Yes I admit I am using my family as guinea pigs whilst I learn to cooks but come on even her favourites?! I keep telling myself it’s just a phase, it will pass but at the minute it’s not helping!

You see I don’t give in, I don’t make specifically what she wants. She doesnt starve, she has a good breakfast, fruity snack and a healthy lunch. It’s just this whole dinner time phase I have to get through and we will get there eventually!

So please tell me I’m not alone. Someone out there must have had a great eater turned fussy at some point? anyone…

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