Turkey Curry from leftovers!

So we all get to the point after Christmas that your left with lots of bits left over with not really much idea of what to make out of it. Then I saw the lovely Utterly Scrummy had a recipe for a turkey curry which sounded delicious! However some of the original ingredients I didn’t have so I decided to do a bit of cupboard rummaging and coming up with a slightly altered version.

Here was ours :

Serve this with rice and you have the easiest post Christmas meal going!

I did find that it wasn’t as spicy as i would normally eat so next time I would probably add a little bit more spice to give it that little kick but that is all down to perosnal taste.

I would recommend heading to Utterly Scrummy for more inspirational meals including how to feed a family of 5 for 7 days during the school holidays for £70! If you are looking for other great ways to use up your leftovers why not try out this turkey pie recipe or these great suggestions from Savvy In Somerset.

A super easy turkey curry using leftovers in your slow cooker

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