Finally getting an office space to call my own on a budget

This year hopefully all being well we should have the plans drawn up for our home which will be bringing us the much needed space we so desperately need.

Our home has been one where we have made some amazing memories and although it might not be for everyone it has a place we have come to love and have no plans to move (unless we win the lottery!) from so our plan is to extend and give ourselves an extra bedroom so the kids can have their own space and make our room a little bigger as it is currently very cramped.

Along with the bit of space that will create it will mean I can have a little space dedicated to writing and getting work done in peace!

I have big plans for this little space and can’t wait to get going on it. However if you have read the blog lately you will know that we are looking to save money and raise more money this year.

So of course this comes into the plans as I will be making sure we hunt around for the best deals on the market and whenever I shop online I never buy anything before I have checked if there is any discount vouchers for the store I am buying from. Especially when it is a large purchase like furniture!

I’ve found this gorgeous desk in Debenhams however £189 is probably way over my budget however with a little looking around I’m sure I could find some great Debenhams discount codes like these to get it under budget. I’m also planning on getting lots of storage and beautiful lighting as well which again I will makes sure I shop around for the best deals or discount code.

The furniture wont be the only thing we will be looking to save money on but the whole build.

As much as I would love someone to come in and do the extension from start to finish its not looking like we will have the budget to do that.That means it is looking like we will be getting involved in the bits we can do.

Of course we are not builders by trade however we can decorate so the plans will be for us to do all the internal decorations and for that I’ve already started looking! Again I want to go clean lines and bright and love this simple but sophisticated design.



I think it will really bring the space to life but also brighten the room as it goes. I really cant wait!

What is your top tips for decorating a room on a budget?

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