Catching up with life – #2 – 2017

Finally getting round to writing up my catching up life post at just gone 5pm on a Sunday! Considering this was due to be live yesterday that’s not too bad considering how behind I have been this week.

It has been a bit of a manic week but also ones of ups and downs.

There has however been some positives this week and I think that will be the thing I take from the week.

Starting on Monday the kids had their swimming lessons and they are progressing so much in their new lessons. From not being able to swim in September, Kayleigh has already collected her 5 meter badge and Ethan this week managed to swim the furthest he could ever swim on his back with no help.

Seeing them progress is worth the dark cold drive across town at the minute and I can’t wait to see how they are doing when we go away later in the year.

Also this week was the kids first full week back in the school routine and saw the return of the homework and spelling tests. It was Ethan’s first ever spelling test too which was a bit daunting for him however they both passed with full marks which was great.

Ethan has also got a trip to Golden Table this week as he got a special award on Friday for how well he has done at reading. He is only 1 level away from the top level books in school with 6 months to go and as he has progressed so fast recently I am sure he will smash this during this time.

As for me I feel like I have finally managed to tick some things of the to-do list this week and am looking forward to only having a 4 day working week next week!


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