Getting fit the free way!

We’ve just returned from an amazing week away in Lazarote at Sands Beach and whilst we was away we decided we were going to get fit on our return.

I have never stepped for in a gym in my life and with my shoulder injury most fitness plans and routines are out of the question so I’ve decided to take up running after being inspired by the amount of runners we saw on holiday and the very motivated Katie over at Mummy Daddy Me.

Easier said than done when you’ve not run in over 15 years though!

I am however determined to get fit by running in the mornings before the kids get up and I head to work (yep I’ll be pounding the pavements at about 5.30am every day.

I’ve also come across a new detox plan I’ve never heard of called Bootea which is a tea that you drink once or twice a day to detox you and give you a colon cleanse. My body probably needs a good detox but I’ll be honest, with the wedding coming up I haven’t got money to throw at fad plans and diets so if you’ve tried it or heard of someone trying it I’d love your opinions on it!

For now though, meet my new fitness aid…. my new trainers!


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