Getting fit, healthy and toned for the summer

Lots have been made over the last few weeks and months about companies advertising getting ready for the beach with your bikini body and them featuring slim/ skinny/ toned models etc.

To me personally it doesn’t bother me what model they use in their campaigns as I know my body will never look like a supermodel after having two children but what’s to say I can’t work towards a body that I’m confident and comfortable in?

Stretch marks don’t bother me in the slightest however being slim throughout my teens and early 20’s I’m a little annoyed with myself for not taking a bit more care and thought of my diet as I have got older.

So i’ve decided enough is enough, now is time to get back to a size and shape I’m happier with. I’m not looking really to lose any weight, just tone up the mummy tummy and get into a good level of fitness.

Being a parent and getting fit and healthy is a little bit more difficult, not only time but also with my eating. I want to show the kids you can have a healthy obsession with food, you wont catch me measuring out my food or breaking my chocolate into chunks to split throughout the day. I am just taking the everything in moderation approach with a reduction of carbs and processed foods.

That’s not to say I wont have unhealthy food, just reducing the amount that I consume.

I’ve also started a new fitness routine following The Bikini Body guide by Kayla Itsines. Its a 12 week guide that targets the key areas that most of us want to change or tone up. She doesn’t promote unhealthy routines or eating but is hugely motivational on her social media, building up that belief that you can do it. It works on various circuits on different days which should take about 28 minutes to complete.

I am not going to lie and say the exercises have been easy, far from it. On day 2 of the plan I could barely walk let alone sit down, it felt like all my muscles had been ripped and torn however I survived it. I did type that it got easier but that would be a lie too! It didn’t get easier I have gotten stronger and more determined as the weeks have gone on.

If you want to read previous failed attempts at getting healthy have a look here. This time though I’m feeling postitive and am already 5 1/2 weeks in!

I have taken some before pictures and some week 4 progress pictures and I can see some changes coming already which has given that little bit of a boost!

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