Getting your home ready for the winter

I don’t know about anyone else but we’ve had a chill appear in the air over the last week or so. We are however holding out putting the heating on at the moment but it won’t be long until we need to start thinking of getting our home ready for the winter.

There are lots of ways to ensure your home is kept warm throughout the winter without costing you a fortune.

One of the biggest expenses during the winter is making sure your home is well heated, ensuring that your central heating systems are in good working order is key. You don’t want the temperature to drop and you find your boiler is no longer working, thus leaving you with no heating.

We have gas central heating and it is also a combi boiler so without it we have no heating or hot water! Making sure it is working is key!

Another thing we try to do as winter roles in is to ensure all drafts are eliminated as much as possible. The last thing I want to do is throw money away but letting the heat escape after taking time to heat the house.  Try and ensure if you have any drafty doors you get some draft excluders, these don’t need to be expensive however you will notice a huge difference in the heat in your home. You should also try and shut your curtains as the nights draw in, the draft from the glass will be cut out as your curtains become an extra barrier for your home.

One more thing you need to just check is your outdoor pipes, if you have outdoor water pipes it is well worth ensuring these are insulated to try and stop any pipes freezing over the winter.

Our weather in the UK has been unpredictable over the last year with the cold winter with lots of snow alongside the summer heatwave that caught lots of people out. Don’t be caught out this winter, just take a little time to get yourself prepared in time for the cold snap that is coming.

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