Our week in one picture – 23/09/18

I started taking part in these posts again in a bid to capture our week as little snapshot memory, however, I’m failing already.

Life is just so busy at the minute it seems that I blink and then the weekend is here again and I’ve captured no pictures. This picture is the only one I took this week whilst Ethan was chilling on our bed after a day at school.

I was looking at him just relaxing and it made me realise that he is no longer a little boy, he’s growing up before our eyes into a little man.

Ethan and his sister are very similar in many ways but also can be very different in their approaches. I think sometimes we forget that he is almost 20 months younger than her as he acts so grown up at times.

He, however, is still not old enough to play Fortnite no matter how many times he asks…

Our week in one picture - 23/09/18


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