Going On Holiday With Your Dog? Here’s What To Bring

Going On Holiday With Your Dog? Here’s What To Bring

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Going On Holiday With Your Dog Here's What To Bring

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Your dog is an integral part of your family, so why not take him on holiday? Holidays with dogs are becoming increasingly popular as the availability of pet-friendly apartments and hotels is on the rise. Plus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are choosing to go on holiday within their own country, rather than flying abroad. This gives them the opportunity to take a vacation with their dog for the first time!

If you want to take your dog on holiday and are unsure what you should bring, you’re in the right place! Here is what you should bring if you take your dog on holiday with you!

  1. Bring his bed from home.

Your dog may react to this change in location, perhaps by being a little more anxious than usual. By bringing your dog’s bed from home to your vacation spot, you are giving him something constant to rely on. The smell and feeling of the bed will calm him down, making him feel less worried that he’s in a brand new place. 

You may want to place the bed close to where you are sleeping, even if that’s not your usual routine. Your dog might want to stay close to you while he’s in a new location.

  1. Basic medical supplies.

If you go out of town with your dog, you should bring basic medical supplies just in case something happens. This can include wound spray, ear powder and a tick remover. If your dog appears unwell or sustains an injury on the holiday, you’ll need to contact the local emergency vet for a checkup. For example, if your dog develops an ear infection during the holiday, you will need a vet’s advice to cure smelly dog ears and bring your dog back to normal.

As well as a box of regular vet supplies, you shouldn’t forget to bring any medication or supplements your dog takes regularly. Your dog should remain on his normal feeding and medication schedule, regardless of where you are!

  1. Plenty of treats and a portable water dispenser.

When you take your dog on holiday, you might decide to go on more hikes and adventures than you would do at home. This will be a time of great exertion for your dog, so you will need to ensure your dog is given the right nutrients and enough water. 

Make sure you bring plenty of healthy treats for your dog to snack on during long hikes, as well as a portable water dispenser for dogs that acts as both a bottle and a bowl. That way, if your dog seems tired or overheats, you can quickly hydrate him wherever you are. Hydration is super important for dogs, especially during hot weather and when they’re doing a lot of exercise!

Final thoughts…

If you are planning a holiday and want your dog to come along for the ride, make sure you use this guide to help plan out your dog’s routine while you are away!