Is A Pop Up Store The Best Option For You?

Is A Pop Up Store The Best Option For You?

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Are you facing the exciting task of opening a pop-up store? Are you flirting with the idea but are not quite sure what to expect? It’ll be great, I promise! With the following 12 steps we want to give you a little help and give you a structured impression of what you should consider in order to successfully turn your pop-up idea into reality.

Is A Pop Up Store The Best Option For You?

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1. Idea

The idea is the beginning of all things. If you want to make it a reality, you have to know the exact reason for it: What is the story you want to tell with your pop-up store? And how do you present your product, your event or your service authentically in it? A vague idea of ​​this is no longer enough at the latest when you are looking for the right location. How should you know which store is perfect for you if you don’t even know in which direction you have to steer in order to actually achieve something? Ask yourself: What is your Unique Selling Point? Never lose sight of your unique selling point, the focus on it gives you support and orientation in your plan to open a pop-up store. But that doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly about everything from the start. However, certain decisions that you make at the beginning of the planning help because other questions will be answered automatically. 

2. Goals

If you invest your time and your resources in the “Project Pop-Up”, you should set yourself clear, measurable goals: Do you want to win new customers? Test the marketability of a new product? Generate sales? Or should your pop-up shop attract attention and increase brand awareness in public? Be part of a marketing campaign? Have you only worked in online business so far and are you looking for customer contact and direct feedback offline? 

If you keep an overview of the development of your pop-up during the runtime, it will provide you with valuable data for measuring success. While sales figures are relatively easy to collect, you should think of a method for recording visitor numbers, for example. If you are interested in a frequency meter in the store, talk to us! Offer various offline and online touchpoints and collect clippings. How successful were your marketing and PR Strategies? What press reports are there? Which blog posts? Do you observe an increased engagement in your social media networks, rising follower numbers? Hashtags, for example, are a great way to understand your reach. If you stay on the ball here, you can flexibly adjust your strategy during the term. Your shop is more than possible to succeed if you follow the rules and ensure that you have a positive outlook on the situation. However, it is always best to consult a pop up shop launch guide so that you can achieve high results. If this is your dream, then it is more than important to follow through and ensure you are making the best decisions.