Hill’s Dog food review

Hill’s Dog food review

#Ad – we were sent a bag of Hill’s Dog food and payment for our review – however, all thoughts are our own.

When we got our first dog Red, a Siberian Husky, we never thought that we would become such a dog family. After Lola our lab passed away a few years back, we decided to get another dog to keep Red company.

Along came our bundle of energy, Daisy the pug.

Hill's Dog food review

Red, however, has always been a fussy eater and a few years back he had a few teeth removed that meant his eating habits got even worse! We have tried lots of dog food on the market and even until recently he had been picking at his meal. taking the biscuits out of the bowl and placing them on the floor then walking away…

Last week we were kindly sent a bag of Hill’s Science Plan Adult Advanced Fitness Light Medium with ChickenHill’s Science Plan Adult Advanced Fitness Light Medium with Chicken to try out. Now I will admit they have both been eating this, as Daisy seems to think she is missing out if she doesn’t eat the same as Red.

Hill's Dog food review Hill's Dog food review

Red has loved this over the last week or so at mealtimes, there has not been one time where he has walked away from his bowl without clearing it! For me though, it is not just about the fact he is eating it but also the fact that it is lower fat and calories than Hill’s Science Plan Adult. Meaning as he is getting less active with his age, I know he’s not going to be pilling on the weight.

It is also great that Daisy is eating it too, as pugs are notorious for putting on a little bit too much podge at times! Although Daisy is very active it is clear to see when she has been a little less active, whilst still eating the same. We do have to be careful with her though, if Red walks away from his bowl she will wait till she gets the all-clear before heading over to have a nose…

Hill’s use high-quality, easily-digestible ingredients in their dog food too, so we know that both of them are getting the best when it comes to their meals.

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