Our weekly meal plan – 07/10/19

Our weekly meal plan – 07/10/19

Happy Monday and welcome back to another weekly meal plan. Our weekly meal plan last week pretty much went to plan. Again there were a few days we switched things around however considering how busy it was last week, I was quite pleased with it.

This week we are recharging our batteries before we start decorating the next room in our house. It has felt like a long road to get to this point however now we are at the halfway point, I just want to get those last 2 rooms out of the way and get back to some sort of normality!

So I am planning quick and easy meals this week so we can rest a little and then I’m hoping we will be raring to go when we start again.

Our meal plan –  07/10/19

Monday –

Mexican lentils and wedges – We are continuing the meatless Monday theme this week.

Tuesday –

Chicken Fajitas – These are not only quick but one of my favourite meals.

Wednesday –

Mini toad in the holes & veg – The kids love these so I know they will be a midweek winner.

Thursday –

Keema curry – Again, this is a quick meal to make but packed full of flavour.

Friday –

Pizza and garlic bread – I love the sweet chilli chicken pizza from Tesco and always keep on in the freezer.

Saturday –

All-day breakfast – I haven’t done a fry up in a while and its the weekend so why not!?

Sunday –

Roast or stew – As always this will depend on what I purchase with the shopping.

I’m hungry just thinking about our meals this week. I know sometimes it may not be the most exciting of meal plans, however, it is one that I’d happily eat so that is all that matters!

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Our weekly meal plan - 7th October 2019


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