How to Get Started With Creating a Website

Have you been considering writing a personal blog to update friends and family about your life? Or perhaps you have been thinking about earning money at home with an ecommerce business. The first step is often the most daunting one for those who have little experience with web design, which is setting up a website. There are several tips to keep in mind to make the process run more smoothly, giving you control over the design and maintenance of your very own website.

Choosing a Website Builder
You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding or graphic design these days to figure out how to create a website. There’s no shortage of software to help you with taking this first step, providing secure web hosting, a choice of professional templates, and other design features. Another option is to use a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger, particularly if you plan on setting up a personal website.

Creating a User-Friendly Design
Whether you are designing a professional or personal website, you’ll want it to be easy for your users to navigate. The best way to do this is by using website templates and then adjusting them to fit your personal sense of style or your business’s brand. Use tools like colour, font, and background patterns to customize your website and make it unique. It’s best to play around with different layout options to find an easy flow to your website, asking friends and family for opinions to get it just right. If you plan on selling products, be sure to group them into categories so that customers can find what they’re looking for.

Deciding What to Post
Posting website content for the first time can be intimidating, even if you haven’t yet built up a regular audience of readers. Don’t be afraid to post personal anecdotes, links to news stories that you find interesting, or inspirational photographs to get started. The more often you post blog entries, the easier that new ideas will come to you. It’s essential to post content frequently when you are just starting out with building a new website. This will help you build and retain your readership. If you allow comments on your website or blog, be sure to read and respond to them to make the experience more interactive.

Promoting your Website
Once you have created a website you can be proud of, the next step is to share it with the world. Send links to your social networks, and post in related forums or other blogs with a link back to your website. The more you can integrate your website with multiple channels of media, the more views it will get over time.

These are just a few steps to help you get started. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get thousands of page hits or make any sales right off the bat, as it takes time to grow any new online presence. Building your first website is usually a labour of love, and can be well worth the effort.

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